Custom Rom MysticOS for EVERCOSS A74B

Custom Rom MysticOS for EVERCOSS A74B


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MysticOS for EVERCOSS A74B
MysticOS for EVERCOSS A74B
MysticOS for EVERCOSS A74B

Link MysticOS v2.0 for Evercoss A74B :

Link MysticOS v3.0 for Evercoss A74B :

Changelog v2.0 :
  • All features of MysticOS v1.0
  • Fixed navigation bar
  • New bootlogo
  • New bootanimation
  • Changed fonts
  • Awesome swipe animations in panel
  • Gramophone as default music player
  • Added Es File Explorer
  • Integrated Kernel Adiutor, Xtreme Booster in settings
  • New package installer
  • Added official ports, downloads themes in About MysticOS
  • Expandable volume panel
  • Chameleon os network traffic and speed meter as well
  • Custom carrier label in advanced option
  • Lcd density changer in advanced option
  • Changed switches in mediatek res
  • Fixed wifi icons in settings (Xhdpi)
  • Fixed apn bug
  • Changed L platlogo
  • New Lland game
  • Changed albumset bg color in gallery to match with action bar
  • All options of battery bar working
  • Dyanamic navigation bar working
  • Enabled navigation bar
  • Ram progress bar
  • More find out urself

Changelog v3.0 :
  • Reduced rom's size to 260 mb
  • Fully stable
  • Super smooth
  • No any lag anywhere
  • New framework animations
  • Removed all scripts
  • Fixed auto rotation while playing games
  • Removed Es explorer
  • Added file manager of MysticOS v1
  • Integrated Dsp manager to settings
  • Added Backup and Restore app
  • Added Scheduled power on & off
  • Light themed sound recorder
  • Calender, Gallery themed again
  • Lollipop app icons for all apps
  • themed engineer mode
  • Transparent quickcontact badge
  • Added performance control
  • Release date, Xda thread and ota updater added in About MysticOS
  • Enabled Multi users
  • Added Media scanner on boot
  • Added CLock
  • Disabled navigation bar, users can enable it
  • Updated Material Nova launcher
  • Rom is working for all dpi
  • More figure out urself.

Source :

[UnOfficial] EVERCOSS A74B

Credits :
-Raj Shekhar
-Team Mystic
-Admin dan member grub EVERCOSS A74B


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